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Dive into the enchanting world of Ilayda, the mystical Turkish water fairy whose presence shimmers like the dancing waters she calls home. With grace unmatched, Ilayda embodies the fluidity of rivers, lakes, and seas, weaving tales of wonder and magic wherever she roams. Inspired by the rich folklore of Turkish mythology, our collection pays homage to Ilayda's timeless elegance and ethereal charm.

Each piece captures the essence of water's embrace, from cascading silhouettes reminiscent of gentle waves to hues that mirror the ever-changing colors of the sea. Let Ilayda be your guide as you embark on Atlanta 2024 carnival, where imagination meets reality in a symphony of beauty and grace. Embrace the spirit of Ilayda and awaken the magic within. Join us as we celebrate the splendor of Turkish folklore and the timeless allure of the water fairy's realm.

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