Stronjeh proudly presents to you for Atlanta-Dekalb Carnival 2022…..Sulphur crested cockatoo!

The Sulphur crested cockatoo is one of the largest of the several species. Beautifully white with a distinctive plumed yellow crest, a dark bill, and a yellow wash on the underside of its wings. They are considered one of the most intelligent parrots. They have the ability to learn quickly evolving in mimicking speech and can do tricks. Sulphur crested cockatoos are highly social birds and require attention. They tend to forage in flocks numbering from dozens to several hundreds and have a very loud call, meant to be travel and heard over long distances through forest canopy.  They are known to having a long lifespan of over 50 years and sometimes outlive humans.

Let us admire the Sulphur crested cockatoo’s as they are showy, inventive, and affectionate.