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The warm, sunny spring weather has come at last! The glorious, tickling sunshine lies on our skin. The sky is painted bright, clear blue with a few clouds that hover above like giant cotton balls. The golden sunlight warms the earth, and streams through the humongous glass windows. The room is filled with beaming sunlight, a delightful sight.  A glamorous season filled with beauty and new beginnings. Spring is very comforting and welcoming. The season’s astonishing scenes, outdoor activities, and delightful weather all makes spring such a thrilling season. Join us with "Maiko" as we light up and activate the road for 2023 Atlanta Carnival!


-Frontline body wear - $670

-Frontline wings - $565


- Midline body wear - $515

- Midline wings - $360


- Backline body wear - $410

- Backline collar - $ 250

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